group leader

Department of Theoretical Physics
MTA Wigner Research Centre for Physics



13-105, 29-33 Konkoly Thege St, Budapest, 1121
email :
+36-1-392 2732



Gergő Orbán is a Lendület Research Fellow of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He earned his PhD from Eötvös University under the supervision of Péter Érdi. His postdoctoral work was with Eörs Szathmáry in Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Study and later joined József Fiser’s lab at the Volen Centre at the Brandeis University as a Swartz Postdoctoral Fellow. He later was awarded a Marie Curie Posdoctoral Fellowship and joined to Daniel Wolpert and Máté Lengyel at the Computational and Biological Learning Lab at the University of Cambridge.